Fronz a posted Jun 19, 17

After 4 long, hard working months, I have decided to demote InvictusX. He has not been giving it his all lately and this is a time where I really need him. I thank him for all the hard work and he has decided to go peacefully. He will continue to manage the discord for the time being but that is expected to change shortly. Now dont get your hopes up, the manager spot is not open now. A new manager, ServerConfigs, will be taking Invictus's spot as the second manager! I can't wait for you guys to meet him when we re-open the server. He is more hardworking then Invictus and will allow for us to get things done quicker. 

ShadiestMule51 Good bye Invictus. We'll miss you. Make sure you come visit every once and a while.

Long Maintenance Break

Fronz a posted Jun 17, 17
Hello all,
I am very pleased to announce that we will be adding a new addition to our server! Inorder to make these changes we will need to put the server under maintenance.This break will last anywhere from two weeks to one month and will make some pretty crazy changes to the server. I will supply you with updates at the update log here. Below I will list some changes we can tell you about as well as a Q&A!
New Features:
1)New rank system
2)New way of playing NFN
3)It will make the server into something more unique. Our gamemode will not be available anywhere else!
4)New look to chat/tab
5)Many plugins will be added and removed
6)A fresh start for all players
Q: Wait? What will happen to my donor rank?
A: You will keep the rank of equal value on the new server
Q: What if I want a refund for my rank since I do not like the new server?
A: Sorry but when you purchased your rank you agreed to a no refund policy
Q: What will the new gamemode be?
A: Guess you will need to join to find out. If you harass staff trying to figure out, you will be punished accordingly.
Q: When will NFN re-launch?
A: Although we do not have an exact date yet, we do plan to have all development and building done by the 10th of July and re-open any time after that. Problem with giving exact dates is that it doesn't always work out so it may be some time before that and some time after.
Q: What can I expect when I rejoin?
A: When we re-open, expect some minor bugs, balancing issues, and all the normal issues a newly opened server faces!
If you have any more questions, leave them as a comment on the post. We will add it here!
Frostyman758 where have I been?

Update 1.0.2

InvictusX posted Jun 13, 17

Update 1.0.2 is small but it impacts in game users!

The server now supports joining from a 1.12 client. For those of you confused this is what we mean by that: 1. You can not use 1.12 blocks or anything of that sort. The server is still 1.10 as we prepare for updates of some plugins to make the transition as smooth as possible with as little down time as possible when we get to it. 2. You can use 1.12 client side features. This includes the recipe book (which may be a bit glitchy unfortunately), the chat narrator, and the tutorial (if you really need it). also the blocks will have there 1.12 names for you and will have the vibrancy improvement that 1.12 brings. This is of course if you are using the client itself.

ChatReaction: Now pay attention in chat to earn some in game goods by scrambling the words, typing fast.

RedeemGui: Now redeem credits instead of grinding certain skills earn them and use them via /redeem

Additons and Changes in Crates

Changes in Drop Party Crate :

- Double the cast 10k - 20k, 25k - 50k, 50k - 100k

- 1 Vote Key to 3 Vote Keys

- Additon of MCMMO Credits 3 types, 5,10,15 credit

Changes in Vote Party Crate

- Additons of MCMMO Credits 3 types 5,10,15 credit


Server Mangement Team

Update 1.0.1

InvictusX posted Jun 9, 17

Drop Party: Once the server reaches 50 votes, all players on server will receive a drop party key this can be used @ /warp crates. 

What you can get from the crate 

All voucher cards

Vote Pickaxe




Premium Kit


Mythical Key

Vote Key

Admin Item (limited time will be removed on june 24 2017)

Note all these items can be changed at anytime

Quest are going to be removed on june 10th 2017 to be fixed with the glitches and bugs. 

In the mean time 

Peace Out


ShadiestMule51 How hard is it to get the admin item? Lol

Custom Plugins!

Fronz a posted Jun 2, 17

Hello all,

Today I bring you some very exciting news. Bobaliny2 has recently created his very first plugin and we will be creating more complex plugins in the future! His first plugin is /stats, this is the only server with this plugin being used at the time being. We look forward to bringing you new, more exciting, and better custom plugins in the future!

DrOuZy_mike Good stuff Bob :) love seeing the server and its players expanding :d
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